5 – star standard hotel in Vietnam


  • Context:

The company providing hotel services, F&B and 5-star serviced apartments in Vietnam are unable to pay the principal debt of ~ 700 billion VND due and interest in previous years.


  • Challenge: 

The leadership of the lending bank has just restructured and changed the credit policy to an unpredictable direction.
Time pressure in organizing the work, handling large amount of information and deployment plans in a very short time to negotiate with banks


  • Solution:

The advisory team working as the Corporate Finance Department, performed the following tasks and solutions:
Summarize, analyze and assess the current financial situation and loans of the Company and develop business plans, cash flows for 10 years based on ensuring the feasibility and focusing resources in the core fields such as room rental, F&B, and serviced apartment rental
Develop scenarios on restructuring bank loans with parameters of time, interest rate, and money to ensure the feasibility of debt payment cash flow and business plan and cash flow.
Negotiating with the above bank ensures a balance of interests for both banks and businesses based on business plans, cash flow and loan restructuring plan.


  • Achievement:

The nearly VND 700 billion principal debt was restructured and the interest was extended for 7 years.

Saving VND 142 billion interest loan in 1 year by negotiation & cashflow technique

Building a financial model and business plan helping The Company earned 600 billion VND revenue in 2 years of project implementation.

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