A Vietnamese family business with the history of 25 years


  • Context:

Family business in paint & coating industry with scientific research projects and successful applications in production and commercialization in Vietnam, Singapore.

One of the top 5 paint & coating companies in Vietnam.

The family business is managed by 3 generations who are different about ideology and professional competence

  • Challenge: 

Create an environment for the 3rd generation of the family to participate in the corporate’s business activities & promote their talents.

Upgrade from the traditional family business management system to a professional management system; build the next leadership generation as well as company culture that support professional corporate governance, business growth and sustainable development.

Innovating business model, distribution model and operating model suitable to the fluctuation situation and fast-moving trend of domestic and international business environment

  • Solution:

Choice of Distribution is a key breakthrough, I.value directly participates in establishing a professional distribution company from strategy, sales, operation system and human resources.

Using mentoring and coaching as methods and focusing on developing the mentality and leadership of the 3rd generation in the family – who takes on the leadership role of the Distribution Company.

Connect the ideology of the three generations towards the goals of business development and building a new culture for Vietnamese family business governance.

Continuing to be a long-term partner, bringing open innovation program into the next 5-year development strategy of The Company

  • Achievements:

Sales have grown continuously over 20% annually, the distribution channel is expanding over the country and abroad market (Singapore, Russia, Malta, ..)

The human resource develop from 0 to more than 90 employees (at the end of 2019) with a professional operating system as well as inspiring corporate culture

The development of cognition and leadership of the 3rd generation in the family has been inspiring the change of all 3 generations as well as the movement of the whole business.

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