Leading Startup company in financial data business

Client: Au Company

  • Context:

Leading company in financial data business, with foreign investors.
Business activities are developing and expanding
The company has a talented & enthusiastic founding team and key leaders.

  • Challenge: 

The company recruited many young, talented employees. But these young generation had the difficult to engage with the senior leader generation then lead to high turnover rate in the young personnel group.
The company was running with high burn rate & seeking for breakeven that is biggest challenge of an data business
The company has a history of 10 years of establishment and development but does not have any concept of corporate culture

  • Solution:

i.Value provides leadership coaching series “Leadership in Action” across 12 months in a year to key leadership teams.

i.Value designed and facilitated the Company Retreat 2019 program with the goal of activating the corporate culture according to the company’s core values, of which “Innovative Always” is a selected core value.

  • Achievement:

After 12 months participating leadership coaching series, the company surpassed the break-even milestone for the first time in 10 year of operating. The leadership team had high-performance teamwork spirit and inspired by their own vision “Enlighten the market” was built when joining the coaching series

Quick interview with the CEO after Company Retreat “I read a lot about corporate culture before but I still didn’t know how to do it. After this trip I knew exactly what I need to do for my organization. I’m so happy found out my team is more talented than ever and I just let them shine”

Adviser: Sean Rogers & Rachel Peters

Project Details

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